Evangel Baptist Church
17922 Broadfording Road ~ Hagerstown, MD  21740 ~ (301) 733-6711
Some snacks are provided, please feel free to bring a snack to share.

Guns and ammo (for Elite and Mega Nerf and like guns):
  • If you have either of these type of guns please bring them.  If you are not sure (some non-
    brand guns do use nerf size) please bring your gun in and we will check for you.  
  • You do not have to have any in order to play. No need to bring your ammo. We provide the ammo.
  • Safety glasses are available for those that wish to wear them.  Players under the age of 18yrs
    of age are required to wear them.  Please return them directly after the event for cleaning.

Permission Slip Waivers:
  • In order to participate you need to fill out and sign the permission form.
  • Please have a parent/guardian sign the top half the waiver, if under 18 yrs of age.
  • Adults also need to sign the bottom half in order to participate.
  • Please turn in the form before the event or bring with you on the day of the event.  If you do
    not, you will not be allowed to play.
  • The Permission Waiver form can be found on this page to the left in PDF format.. or it can be
    found on our FB Group in the "Files" Section to the left.
  • The 2019 Permission Slip Waiver is good for the entire full year from Jan. to Dec.  The
    following year a NEW form will need to be filled out and replaced.   The specifically DATED
    Permission Slips are only for that date and another needs to be filled out when you come back.

*** Biggest Rule: Absolutely NO INTENTIONAL HEAD SHOTS!! ***
Please keep the shots to body shots below the neck line.

If you are not able to make it at the start.. come in anytime during the event hours. If you're child
needs to leave at a certain time... please inform us and we'll make sure they are ready to go at that

If the Event Dates (above) are not updated, please check our
Church Calender.

Some pictures of how we set up some of the games are pictured below.

Hope to see you all there!

2019 Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 8 th
* NEW time:  1 pm-4 pm
Check back for more dates to come.
-- Church Members, Guests, Regular Attendees and Good News Clubbers --

For ages 8 yrs on up into Adulthood  
(If younger & any questions, please speak with or
e-mail: David Lewis)

FREE - No charge
*** If the weather is bad enough to cancel the event...
it will be noted on this webpage an hour before the event is to start.