Evangel Baptist Church
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Help Needed with Items for...
Please include a $? donation per box (please see B. Brown for updated shipping) to
transport and deliver your gift to the hands of a child in need.  if you are interested but do not want
to pack a box, you can donate $? to help pay for others that are packing boxes.  Brochures with
information about packing your shoebox gift are on back table in the gym....
or click here:
How to pack a shoebox.

See B. Brown for boxes if needed.
A simple shoebox becomes a gift, decorated and
filled for a girl or boy, ages 2-4 / 5-9 / 10-14.

It may be filled with items such as:
    pens, pencils, erasers, paper, crayons, coloring
    book, stationary, toothbrush, washcloth, soap,
    deodarant, comb, brush, hairclips, bows, etc.  

You could also include toys such as:
    stuffed animals, games, dolls, toy jewerly, jump
    ropes, matchbox cars, stickers, yo yo's, balls, etc.
B. Brown & M. Lowry are taking donations of money, gift cards and items
for our
Missionary Cupboard.  Suggestions for items are listed below:
Men ~ basic tools, hardware (nuts, screws, nails, etc.), duct tape, and bungee cords in
different sizes.

Women ~ NEW Tupperware or sealable containers

Family ~ any family DVD's and music CD's (do not have to be new). NEW bedding
(sheets, soft blankets, pillowcases, etc.)
Toiletries ~ NEW travel-size & regular-size personal products such as toothbrush,
toothpaste, mouth wash, dental floss, shave cream, disposable razor, shampoo, bath
wash, body lotion, hand cream, hand sanitizer, prescription (see-thru) bottles, body
wipes, travel-size kleenex, nail clipper, nail file and Q-tips.

Miscellaneious items ~ travel sewing kit, boxed or bagged "all-occasion" cards, gift
bags, envelopes, ink pens, pencils, journals, notebook, and folders.

Children ~ games, puzzles gamebooks, coloring books, story books, CD's, DVD's,
crayons, colored pencils, washable markers, & small toys.
This webpage updated: 1 /  2018
If you would like to be involved in this ministry we could use some additional help:

  • Doing our local shopping.

  • Two teams of five-six people to organize and fill the bags on alternate weekends.  
    Please check the calendar or bulletin for info. concerning upcoming dates.  
    Typically this is done after the Morning Service in the Kitchen.

  • Food or monetary donations.

Please pray for the students and their families.  May they see these good deeds and
glorify God.  Pray for God's guidance and your role with this ministry.
For questions please contact E. Hudson or J. Kerns.