Evangel Baptist Church
17922 Broadfording Road ~ Hagerstown, MD  21740 ~ (301) 733-6711
Delmarva Camp Information & Forms
Camp Director
John Walker

Cheryl Weaver

Camp 2017
August 6 - 12, 2017
To register for camp.. please click below for camp info & applications at:
To Work at camp as a Volunteer.. you can register
thru the connection below:
Per E-mail received (7/3/2017 7:38 AM):

Anyone who wants to work at camp, even if for only a few hours, MUST go online and fill out a camp worker
application. The web address is This includes working in the camp kitchen or
dining room.

Step 1.....
You will see ​"​
Individual Camper Application  (Combined application for Juniors and Teens)​"
come up in front of you. If you look down just a bit, you will  see​  
*Download 2017 Camp Information Packet* Go ahead and download this and read it.

Step 2.....
Go to the top and find "camp worker application". Click on this and follow the directions. (You will notice that one of
the questions is "Do you agree to follow the camp guidelines". This is what you read in Step. 1). Don't forget to hit
submit it when you are finished completing it the 5 page application.

If you do not do this, you cannot work at camp.

Thanks for your cooperation
Per FB post:

Delmarva Baptist Camp
July 2 at 10:53pm

We understand that some people have run into issues with registering by the July 1 deadline. We are giving a 1 time
4 day extension. PLEASE have campers registered by July 5th at midnight! Any campers registering after that point
will be put in if we have cabin space, but may not get a shirt, or water bottle or have room requests honored. The
campers after July 5 will also have to pay a $50 late fee PER CAMPER! Please help us plan and care well for the
students by communicating with your churches in a timely manner.